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College Financial Planner + Advisor


What is CFP + Advisor?

The CFP tool is like your employees' map for college planning for themselves or their dependents. It shows you all the different paths you can take (colleges and universities) and how much each one might cost. It goes beyond mere information provision, actively assisting employees in pinpointing financial aid gaps and proposing viable solutions, including loan options to bridge those gaps.

CFP + Advisory + PeopleJoy

If your employees are feeling lost in the world of college money, the advisor is their GPS. They'll give personalized directions to make sure they choose the right path!

The advisory component involves a one-on-one meeting users can schedule post-CFP tool utilization. This session delves into a spectrum of educational and financial considerations, covering financial aid options, the overall cost of attendance, and specialized discussions, including popular 529 plans—particularly relevant for parents saving for their children's college education.


CFP + Advisory + White Glove Service

Empowering users to make informed financial decisions regarding post-secondary education is paramount. While many tools primarily emphasize federal aid, there exists a crucial information gap concerning other vital aid avenues. These include institutional aid directly offered by the educational institution and private loans.

A comprehensive tool should illuminate federal aid options and shed light on the full spectrum of available financial resources.

By expanding the focus to encompass institutional aid and private loans, users gain a more nuanced understanding, enabling them to navigate the landscape of financial assistance and make well-informed choices tailored to their unique educational and financial needs.

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