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Meet Jacquie H. One aspect of PeopleJoy’s service that she’s excited about is our ability to help our customers navigate complex federal student loan forgiveness programs.

Making this (forgiveness) a reality!”

When I graduated from medical school, PSLF was a relatively new program and seemed too good to be true. I continued my monthly payments but did not have an understanding of what needed to be done to enroll in the PSLF program. The process seemed overwhelming, but when I connected with PeopleJoy, they did a great job explaining the steps of enrolling and applying for loan forgiveness. Over the course of 2 years, PeopleJoy worked with me to consolidate my loans to make them eligible for forgiveness, submit Employment Certification Forms, and contact FedLoans to receive credit for the appropriate payments. When the time came to apply for forgiveness, PeopleJoy was instrumental in getting the paperwork completed in a timely manner. A few weeks after applying, I received forgiveness of over $200,000 in medical school loans. Thank you PeopleJoy for making this a reality!

SC, Assistant Professor, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Reach out to PeopleJoy for assistance. It could be life changing!”

Shortly following my initial request for a review, I was contacted by a representative from PJ who advised me that Congress created the Temporary Expanded PSLF program, and that with some tweaks to my current repayment plan, some additional paperwork, and some patience that I would likely be eligible for forgiveness. While initially not optimistic that this would work out, I signed on with PJ to facilitate these changes and to monitor my progress in the application and review process with FedLoan. I had to do minimal work in the entire process – PJ handled it all! Ultimately, after about 16 months of patiently waiting, with updates from PJ throughout, I received notification that my TEPSLF application had been approved and my remaining $110,000 of student loans had been forgiven! I am relieved that my loans have been forgiven and sincerely thankful for the insight, patience, and effort that Kevin Porath and colleagues at PeopleJoy expended on my behalf. I would highly recommend anyone with student loan debt to reach out to PeopleJoy for assistance. It could be life changing!

Eric R., Residency Programs Director in Pediatric Cardiology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

You have quite literally changed my life.”

Now that I am finally calmed down and accepting my new reality as a DEBT-FREE person I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone at PeopleJoy. From my initial interview with Steven to follow up phone conversations with Isabella, you all turned a complex, overwhelming and honestly dehumanizing process into a manageable task. At the beginning I thought I might be eligible for maybe $17,000 off my loans for my service as a teacher but I was demoralized from stories I had heard friends tell of applying multiple times only to be rejected over technicalities. I remember speaking to a colleague as he faxed in his 8th application during his prep period and wondering if I would ever have the time and dedication to do the same. Little did I know that just 12 months and a few easy to complete forms later, I would be forgiven ALL of my $57,000 loan AND receiving a refund for overpayment. When I looked at the FedLoan website and saw a balance owed of $0, I felt like I had won the lottery. I am so grateful to all of the staff at PeopleJoy for making this happen for me, and in such a painfree manner. You have quite literally changed my life.

Joanna S.

A Primer on Student Loan Debt…

A Federal Loan is money that you have borrowed from the U.S. Government.

A Private Loan is money that you have borrowed from a bank or credit union.

Your monthly payment includes your principal balance and interest.

Principal is the remaining amount of money on your loan.

Interest is the fee the lender charges you to borrow the money. This fee changes depending on your specific interest rate.

A Servicer is the company that collects your payments. Your lender and servicer can sometimes be the same institution, but most of the time they are not.

PeopleJoy’s tool provides quick, simple, no-nonsense guidance

Meet PeopleJoy’s Ed

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How It Works



Digital Assessment

Ed, our interactive AI bot, walks you through a series of questions to determine your eligible programs. 


Programmatic Implementation

Ed will be able to help you with completing the forms required to apply for each program. PeopleJoy will submit all the paperwork for Federal and State programs for you. No more confusing paperwork. We make sure you meet all enrollment and annual recertification deadlines.


Regular checkups

PeopleJoy covers all bases when it comes to follow-ups and support.

Reviews from employees…

Reviews from employees…